"Lose Back Fat FAST"

According to the late Charles Poliquin “the sub-scapular site is the genetic marker for carbohydrate intolerance, and is a reflection of the subjects ability to manage sugar”. So on that note clean eating and a healthy lifestyle is key if you are trying to burn fat, or get rid of that lovely “back fat”.
Once you can manage your eating habits then all your hard work in the gym will start to pay off and you will begin to see results. On the subject of training back, I always try and hit every angle of my back, firstly by doing some single arm movements to create muscle balance, also you don’t want one side of your body to be a lot stronger than the other side so its super important to train the muscles equally. I then would move more into my bigger compound moves, like the Lat Pull Downs, pull ups and seated rows.

I'm sure that I am like most women who tend to hold fat in the lower lat area, so just under the bra line, so these exercises really target that stubborn area.

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