I will train you from your own home!

With all my busy stay at home mummies, or my girlies who prefer to work out at home, then this routine is great for you! All you need are some resistant bands, which you can buy off of Amazon for less than £15.
When creating my “At Home With Athena” plan I wanted to make sure that every single person can achieve their goals no matter where they are, and toning your butt couldn’t be any easier than this band workout, and trust me girls you will feel the burn!!!

When doing any home butt workouts I want you to really think about the muscles you are working. Focus on squeezing your glutes and pressing your heels into the ground so you can activate those butt muscles. Use the bands as your resistance, so don’t forget to really push against them. No more excuses, grab your bands and perform each exercise 4x for 2 minutes. GO!

For your own customised training plan specifically designed for YOUR fitness goal, please check out my packages page and let’s start this journey together.