Personal Training

I am a born and bread London girl that has a real passion for fitness. Originally from the Borough of Islington, where most of my teenage life was spent before moving more into the sticks of North London, where I signed up to my first ever gym, which happened to be a bodybuilding gym! Anyway after years of spending my working life mainly behind a desk, I decided to turn my hobby into a career, and exchanged my high heels for a pair of Nikes, and the rest is history. To find out more about why i deceided to become a personal trainer click here.

So why should you trust me to help you? You need to feel 100 percent comfortable with your Personal Trainer as we will be spending time breaking down barriers together, not just physically but mentally, and ultimately my goals need to align with yours for us both to feel, we together have accomplished the best results possible! The beauty of working together with someone you grow to trust is that you will not only feel like you have someone there for you throughout your fitness journey, but you will also have an added motivation to succeed as a team.

Most of us unknowingly take comfort in the support of team mates, be it a large team playing a sport on a pitch where they pick each other up from defeat and celebrate in victory, or the corner man/woman in a boxing ring to keep their fighters spirits high to give them the knowledge only a coach can, or the best friend on the side lines shouting encouragement and giving a smile or reassurance to the one person they are there to truly support. This is exactly what I feel is my role as your Personal Coach. I want to be in your corner encouraging you to push that last rep out, be able to laugh with you when the burn is too much, pull you to your feet when your legs are like Jelly, a Journey shared in this case may not be a journey halved but it is certainly a journey you will enjoy with a partner in crime.

The fitness world was once “a mans world” but since the rise of instagram, youtube and the drive and determination of fit women all over the world, this is a huge part of what drives me to push to greater heights in the fitness world and become a house hold name for changing the lives of others in a healthy way, and the right way.

I have learnt that your position in any industry is what you allow it to be. We constantly tell ourselves I’m not great at this, I’m not good enough for that, but the truth is the person who is at the top is the one that said I can do that, I am good enough to do that and that is exactly the attitude that I want to bring out in you. The next person you look at and say I wish I had a butt like that or I wish my stomach was flat like hers, I want you to say I cant wait for my butt to look like that or when my tummy is that flat… Your journey starts when you allow it to start, I am ready when you are, I am at the starting line with a place on the podium just waiting for you.

Please note that although I work a lot in London I also cover the following areas with my 1 2 1 personal training services: London, Kent, Essex, Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire , Hertfordshire, Middlesex and more