My sister was getting married in 4 months and I was her bridesmaid, so I came to Elena hoping to just drop a few pounds, but in a matter of 3 months I lost a stone! Not only that, I found myself constantly out of breath walking up and down the stairs so I would just avoid them all together and grab the lift, but Elena wasn’t having any of that! After months of strength and conditioning work, she had me doing interval sprints, which I would have never imagined myself ever doing in my lifetime! She’s a tough cookie and she’s changed my life forever.

Elena is a joy to work with. Let’s be honest nobody wants to go to the gym at 7am to train but with my busy schedule I have no other choice, but Elena always finds a way of me enjoying every single session and I feel ready to start my day!

I’ve been training with Elena for over 2 years now and I can always rely on her to get me holiday ready. I find it so hard to get motivated but she’s taught me how to be disciplined. I always walk away from each session with a new knowledge about health and fitness and I can always rely on her to give me recipes. Not only is she my trainer but she is my mentor.